Sports Massage / Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage is primarily aimed at sports men and women to prevent and treat injuries, manage postural dysfunctions, maintain good muscle function and to aid in preparation for sporting events.
Sports Massage should be considered as part of an athletes or keen sports persons training as it can identify problem areas and treat them preventing potential injury, it keeps the muscles in good condition ensuring that full range of motion is maintained and can also be used to treat ongoing injuries that restrict or affect sport.

At Holmwood Massage our therapist will go through a full consultation including a postural analysis and ascertain the best treatment plan for you to get the best possible results. Treatments may include heat therapy, deep tissue massage, sports stretching and muscle strengthening amongst other techniques. Your therapist will also provide with homecare advice to ensure that you get the most from your treatments and are continuing the recovery at home.

Deep Tissue Massage is a firmer style of massage treating the deeper layers of muscle, unlike Swedish Massage which treats the muscles more superficially. Whilst more firm and direct in the approach Sports Massage should not be overly painful and your therapist will work with you to get the right pressure for you and for therapeutic benefit.

30 minutes Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage £35.00
45 minutes Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage £45.00
1 hour Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage £55.00

Pre-blended aromatherapy oil can be added to any massage treatment for an additional cost of £5.00